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Zoological Bone Preparation

We specialize in pulping small animals with dermestid beetles. The technique we use allows for the production of very small and delicate skeletons up to the size of a squirrel.
The advantage of this method is that even the smallest bones stay in their natural position. And, this allows skeletal-bony rings of bird eyes, the bony trachea of birds and reptiles or tongue bones to be shown in mounted skeletons.
Larger animals are pulped with other methods. We take special care of degreasing the bones to prevent later damage from fatty acids.

All skletons are done using animals from captive breeding, zoo or dead found. We do not take endangered species from nature and work according to Convention on International Trade in Endangerd Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Most skeletons are special made, therefore please reckon a delivery time of minimum 3 month. If you like to send us your animal, please inform us first and send it deap frozen. We prefer the complete (not pulped) body, because it shows the most information, which we need for a good mounting.