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Presumably, no other type of display is more able to provide an impression of prehistoric times to the visitor than a diorama. Past landscapes with extinct animals and plants invite the observer, to discover palaeontology with his own eyes.
By using new materials, techniques and concepts, which can include lighting, sound, temperature-control and smell, an exhibition take on a more realistic appearance.

We have experience in reconstructing large and small dioramas, and work in co-operation with painters and stucco workers. Care is taken to reach complete co-ordination between surface and background of the diorama to reach an optimal invisible transition between the two plains. We are also able to produce pools or different of substrate, which might indicate features like cracks caused by dehydration and different kinds of vegetation, including forest, savannah. Footprints, model of plants, animals and insects are combined to give a realistic effect.

We would be pleased to design a suitable diorama concept for your house.

We are also able to present your models on individually designed pedestals, which give an impression of the animals living space.