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Preparation and Conservation

Good fossil preparation improves the scientific value, collections and exhibitions. Proper conservation measures additionally, protect the specimen against environmental damage and preserve it as document of prehistoric times for the future generations.

Preparation and conservation go hand in hand. In our well equipped laboratory we can choose between several preparatory methods to reach the optimal result.
We choose between mechanical methods like chiselling, scratching, sandblasting, transferring, imbedding and chemical ones, which may involve the use of acid.
Conservation is done using materials, that have proven successfully over long terms in several museums and institutes. We also make sure that the previously used consolidant and glues present on a specimen are compatible with our materials.

We would be pleased to advice you about the optimal conservation storage of your fossils, and offer the production of supports for your specimen.

A written documentation of the preparation procedure for your collection record goes without saying. If you wish, we will be pleased to deliver detailed photo documentation.